Choosing the Perfect Bag for You!

Posted on 08 September 2017

How to Choose the Perfect Handbag!

At I Love My Bag we understand the dilemma of finding that perfect piece of arm candy.  A handbag is far more than a wardrobe accessory, oh no, it's a piece of you, an expression of your stylish self, the keeper of your prized possessions. Your handbag is with you every day, so choosing the perfect one ain't gonna be easy! This momentous decision requires time and thought, it's not something you enter into lightly. So to make life a little easier, we've designed this lovely little graphic to assist you on your quest. 



Style is everything! Are you after a classic tote or an on-trend shoulder bag? With so many different handbag styles on the market, you need to make sure you know what you'll be using your bag for! If it's for every day use it needs to be durable, comfortable, versatile and most importantly - aesthetically pleasing. Perhaps it's for a special occasion, are you looking for something a little bit unusual, or an all rounder that you can use again and again.


Choosing a bag that suits your shape can be vital in the style scores.  Ideally you want a bag that is proportionate to your size. If you are petite then a slim rectangular bag may be most flattering, if you are taller go for a handbag that is rounded and fuller. You should also consider handles - do you want large should straps, or are you happy to use grab handles? If it's a cross body bag, is the handle going to cut in to your chest and give you bizarre shaped boobs? Think about pockets, zips and compartments too. And the deal breaker for me - does the bag stand up when placed on the ground, or does it fall over?


Purse, phone, keys, lippy, brush, gum, compact mirror - all essentials. But a bag can be like a garage, you need enough room to park your purse and every day supplies, but if it's too big, you'll probably fill it with a load of old s**t you don't need. Choose wisely!


Are you looking to make a statement with your arm candy? Or are you happy for your bag to blend in? With so many materials and textures available it's hard to decide on a plain block colour or a patterned finish. Whatever your choice, versatility is key.


At I Love My Bag we understand that up to date fashion doesn't need to cost an arm and a leg. So we're offering you 15% off with the code LOVE15 and free UK delivery on all orders over £25, so what's stopping you? Go find your perfect bag today!

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